Bikers for neuro

Our focus

Bikers For Neuro (BFN) is a free to join motorbike club whose aim is to raise awareness and funds for Brain and Spinal injuries within the biking community and neurological charities. Bikers for Neuro raises funds for registered charities and all money raised goes directly to them.


We organise events such as The Great Brain Ride.

helping Bikers

Through events and fund raising we help bikers who have been seriously injured.


We help charities, such as The Brain Charity, support our fellow riders.


Helping seriously injured bikers

BFN is a free to join motorbike club aiming to raise awareness and funds for Brain and Spinal injury and Neurological charities such as The Brain Charity. Brain and spinal injuries are all too common among the biking community, therefore our activities are also intended to help bikers with such injuries access resources that may help them and to ensure that they continue to feel connected with the biking community. Our patron is Nick Sanders.

  • signpost

    Point people in the right direction to get up to date information regarding Brain and Spinal injuries and Neurological conditions

  • awareness

    Increase awareness of brain, spinal and neurological conditions

  • Ability

    Highlight positive examples of ability and nurture self-confidence and independence

  • Protection

    Raise awareness of protective equipment whilst riding and regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance of this equipment to help prevent injury

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